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Phillimore References

Phillimore & Co. Ltd 

The company was founded in 1897 in central London by William Phillimore, a Victorian lawyer, and for over a century has been the leading specialist publisher of British local and family history. If you are researching the history of regions, counties, cities, towns or villages; if you seek information about families, companies or institutions, the Phillimore catalogue – of several hundred titles, fully available on this website – may have the books you need. 

Intending authors or editors of new books in our field should contact Phillimore in the early stages in the planning of their project. They offer professional guidance on the preparation of text and illustrations, on marketing considerations, and on the submission of a synopsis and sample chapters and pictures. 

Of relevance to visitors to this website is the marriage details of couples married in Aston on Trent between the years 1667-1812. Click here. There are details of the following marriages on the UK Genealogy website

• lkeston Marriage Register 1785-1791

• Marriages at Aston-upon-Trent 1667-1812

• Marriages at Weston-on-Trent 1565-1812

• Marriages at Swarkeston 1604-1837

• Marriages at Barrow-on-Trent and Twyford 1657-1812

• Marriages at Stanton-by-Bridge 1664-1837

• Marriages at Melbourne 1653-1812

• Marriages at Smisby 1720-1812

• Marriages at Parwich 1639-1837

• Marriages at Alsop-en-le-Dale 1701-1837