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Our Local History Group is continuously adding to its rapidly expanding archive of documents, photographs, artefacts, audio and audio/visual CDs and DVD’s, publications and other resources of relevance to the history and heritage of Aston on Trent. Subject to availability these resources are held for anyone with an interest in the subject. 

Access to the material is usually undertaken after a request to the Chair Person so that suitable arrangements may be confirmed. Many of our resources are original documents and may be in a fragile state. Others may be on loan by a third party. The Local History Group therefore reserves the right to determine how, to what and when access is granted purely to protect the material. Access is normally granted to see resources in situ which may not normally be removed from their location. In exceptional cases resources may be allowed to be removed after clear guarantees are provided as to their safety and security. 

We are always looking for new archive material to add to our collection. If you have any tangible record of our village’s past please get in touch with us from our contacts page. You can help us in different ways:- 

-Our scanning facility enables us to borrow your material, take a copy and return it to you very quickly. 

-You may loan us your material which we will hold in a safe and secure environment. You will naturally be entitled to retrieve your material at any time by request. 

-You can donate your material to our archives for the benefit of the resident population. 

We receive a number of requests, (including all parts of the UK and from overseas) for historical information via emails, letters or personal contacts and we are delighted to help where we can. Use the contacts list and we will do our best. You’d be surprised where old Astonian’s get to on the planet. 

We also have a number of self-published books and CDs / DVD’s available for a recommended donation. Go to (the sale items page) for further information. 

The Full Circle Project 

Full Circle is an exciting and innovative project developed by MACE (Media Archive for Central England) to collect video and cine footage from communities around the Midlands. 

Based at Leicester University, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and enthusiastically supported by many local history groups, MACE is appealing to everyone with old video and cine film from the Midlands Region to consider loaning or donating their material – especially if it includes footage of family moments, news stories or events that capture those so-easily forgotten moments in time. 

Digitally re-mastered copies will form an important part of the nation’s archive and by contributing material you have a great opportunity to make a significant contribution to our national heritage. Support MACE and you’ll receive a free DVD copy of any footage accepted. 

Aston on Trent Local History Group is an enthusiastic support of the Full Circle project and has already contributed a number of videos and cine film from our community. 

For further information about MACE and to view sample footage Click here

It’s time to check out what’s in the loft! Remember – Midlands Region footage only.