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World War 1

World War 1: Impact, Awareness and Learning for All 

2014 sees the Centenary Commemoration of the start of the Great War. The war to end all wars; the war that was supposed to be over by Christmas; the war that saw 65 million men mobilised, 21 million wounded and cost the lives of over 8.5 million people: a war that started because a student had a chance opportunity to kill an Arch-Duke; a solitary event that provided an unstoppable global momentum that took five years to resolve. 

The villages of Aston and Weston on Trent were not immune from the resulting conflict and tragedy hit their communities as it did in every village, town and city in the country. The war had an impact on individuals, families and village society. Nationally and locally the Great War changed attitudes, cultures, economics and a way of life. 

To discover more about the impact of the Great War on Aston and Weston on Trent villages click through the following pages. Our history group gratefully acknowledges a major grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund with additional funding from Royal British Legion & Aston and Weston Parish Councils that has enabled our project to be delivered. 

World War I Exibition Official Opening and Exhibits 

Photographs from the event which took place in All Saints Heritage Centre can be seen by clicking here.

Photographs of the exhibits can be seen by clicking here.